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A whole new FriendFeed

Bret Taylor | April 29, 2009 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

You might have noticed that FriendFeed looks pretty different today. We've just launched a whole new design, and a host of features and improvements that comes along with it.

We unveiled this look three weeks ago in beta and have been busy gathering feedback and making improvements. Here are some of the things you'll now find in FriendFeed:


Forget the refresh button. All pages now update in real-time. You'll see your friends' photos and messages stream in as they're shared. Comments and likes also get displayed as they happen.

More powerful share box

You can now choose whom to share items with. Post something to multiple feeds or to just a few friends. You can also now direct message anyone who's subscribed to you.

Saved searches

Use FriendFeed's advanced search options to create filters for easy access to the friends and topics you care most about. Choose from filtering options such as seeing only entries that have certain keywords or entries with a certain number of likes or comments.

FriendFeed by Email

And of course, we had to add something new to the beta... and so we're introducing FriendFeed by email!

Post new items to your FriendFeed by emailing You can post to groups by emailing, and you can direct message your friends by emailing

You can also choose to get your FriendFeed posts and comments delivered directly to your email inbox (see your email preferences), and even comment on entries simply by replying to messages.

While we've been testing this new feature, we've used FriendFeed groups to completely replace all our internal mailing lists. And we've loved it! It's been easier to share screenshots and links, and we've loved being able to post and respond to all entries from the comfort of our email inboxes. Try it for yourself instead of a mailing list.

And there's more...

As you spend time on the new FriendFeed, you'll notice other new things, such as:

You might also want to check out our updated FAQ for things that have changed, such as groups. If you find a bug, let us know. And of course, we're still working on new features and improvements to this interface. As always, let us know your thoughts and comments in FriendFeed Feedback.


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Dear propellerhead software, regarding redrum and hardware controllers

stevecooley | April 27, 2009 in tools | Comments (2)

Dear Ego stroke, love you, etc. Now then, here’s a bit of wish listing for you. Can you please add remote overrides for the redrum module’s step buttons?

Observe… here’s the redrum module. Notice the step buttons highlighted in red.


And here’s what the redrum module looks like in “remote override edit” mode. Notice the severe lack of blue arrow assignment indicators:


Here’s one of the newest members of the Reason family, Thor. It has, somewhat awesomely, a step sequencer built right in! Notice the step buttons highlighted in red:


And now we look at what Thor looks like in “remote override edit” mode. Notice a perplexing surplus of blue assignment arrow indicators on the step buttons. Wtf?


Ok, but now notice that there’s no way to attach the swing settings to Thor’s sequencer. Wtf again? A double Thor whammy. And hey, excellent work on Thor, overall. Awesome stuff. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. I like how the sequencer spits out CV. Really cool.

ok, so in theory, I could attach buttons from, say, a monome, to the step sequencer buttons on Thor, and use the CV out to control one channel on redrum. So I could, in theory, use 10 Thors to fully control step sequencing in redrum with a monome, but I lose all of my swing. Boohoo. :-( In fact, I’d be happy with this setup because I can easily assign buttons to specific drum sounds using the CV out from Thor. I just can’t in regular practice do this because I’ll lose swing, and honestly, swing is the most important feature to me. I can sequence beats all day long on any number of platforms, but none really nail swing and the simplicity of assigning samples to the various channels in redrum like you do.

While you’re at it, can you please re-add the voice selector to redrum like in rebirth’s 808 module?

Rebirth.Jpg (Jpeg Image, 628X399 Pixels)

Then i could use a slider and a button matrix to control rebirth. That would be ridiculously awesome. Or hey, make general step sequencer that spits out multiple CV channels. That’d work for me.

Love, your paying customer,

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System Audio 20090422 1327.mp3

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System Audio 20090422 1327.mp3

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FriendFeed in Italiano and Türkçe

Bret Taylor | April 14, 2009 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

We've had a lot of requests for additional FriendFeed languages ever since we launched six new languages back in December. And today, we're really happy to add two more to that list — Italian and Turkish!


You can now select from Italian or Turkish, in addition to English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and simplified Chinese, from the dropdown at the bottom of every page or from your Account settings page.

We've already set up user-supported help areas for Italian and Turkish. These are on the existing site, but both languages should also work in our new beta site (launched last week).

And of course, we're still working on more languages. Thanks to all our global supporters for your patience in the meantime. We hope you enjoy these new interfaces!

Live at Works/San Jose April 2009

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Steve Cooley, Derek Scott, Charles Johnson, Holt Sorenson, Chris Leath

click below to stream and/or download!

Live at Works/San Jose April 2009——————————————————————–



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A new design for FriendFeed at

Bret Taylor | April 6, 2009 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how to improve FriendFeed. And we’ve been tinkering with those ideas at

Today, we’re opening up that site for you to try it for yourself.

It’s a pretty significant change for us, and we wanted to tell you a little about what’s new, and also, give you some insight into our thinking behind what’s changed.

We didn’t start out with the goal of a radical redesign. Our goal was simple. Make it more intuitive, more consistent, and ideally, more elegant. Here are some things that you'll find in the new site:

  • A consistent look for entries, no matter where they originated from, to help you focus on what your friends are sharing
  • A new and improved share box that can now post entries to multiple feeds
  • The ability to send and receive direct messages
  • Filters so you don’t miss a post from a certain friend or an entry about a specific topic
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the most common commands
  • And, one of the most defining features of our redesign — and what we believe will underlie everything about FriendFeed from now on: real-time. There’s no longer a need for refreshing — every view in FriendFeed now updates in real-time.

You can read a hundred reviews and look at a thousand screenshots, but for some things, only video will cut it. So here goes:

Once you see how cool the real-time updating is, see it on your own feed at (You might also want to check out our tour or read our beta FAQ.) And of course, we’re still adding new features and ironing out bugs, so please let us know your thoughts and comments in the FriendFeed Beta feed and report your bugs here.

We want to get feedback from all of you before we flip the switch to make this redesign the primary FriendFeed interface. Our goal is to simplify the FriendFeed experience and put greater focus on the things that our users have found to be most valuable. We hope you’ll like it.