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FriendFeed now available in ?????

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FriendFeed is now available in Persian (?????)! You can change your FriendFeed language preference in your account settings.

Thanks again to all of our Persian users — it has been extremely exciting for us to see FriendFeed so widely used around the world.

This is the first right-to-left language we support, so expect that there will be some bugs. You can report problems and discuss FriendFeed with other Persian users in the FriendFeed Feedback (?????) room.

Live at WORKS/San Jose, may 2009

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Steve Cooley, Derek Scott (The Rhythmist), Jono Kane (Noka), and Charles Johnson (QORSER)

click below to stream and/or download!

Live at Works/San Jose May 2009——————————————————————–



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