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Roxor 4.3 and steppa v.027

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New versions of Roxor and steppa are available. tempo and tempoadjust are the primary upgrades in these releases.

Roxor 4.3

steppa v.027


SOUNDTHRU on EOM Sessions, my ears are bleeding!!

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SOUNDTHRU on EOM Sessions, my ears are bleeding!!

Mattski doin’ a weekly!

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beatseqr version 3 : done!

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Number 1 of 5 of beatseqr version 3 is done!!

Take a look at the whole photoset!


beatseqr version 3 – results of laser cutting the top panel and box

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Success. Definitely good enough for a first attempt… and several lessons learned in the process. I’ll be tightening up the box outlines and trusting the accuracy a little more next time. Everything lined up exactly how it was designed to, to the point of me now realizing that the steps I took to give myself some margin of error were not needed at all. Everything lined up, surprise!

beatseqr version 3 in the laser cut case and top panel


Progress – october 2009

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There’s been a lot of good progress being made, some of which is fundamental to playing and performance, and some of which is tightening up the user experience. Here’s a short list of the new stuff:

* external case designed and prepped for laser cutting:
ready to go, I’m off to Techshop tonight to try to get these done. Hopefully there will be an update tomorrow on how it went.
* Midi CC slider mode. While not strictly outputting midi cc data directly from roxor, it does spit out OSC data for 8 controls that canbe connected to Osculator today, and steppa soon.
* master tempo set and tempo adjust knob modes. Along with swing, you can now dial in coarse and fine tempo values from right on the hardware.
* tempo and swing controls feedback on the lcd. The knobs behave as the sliders do in regards to maintaining their values until you return the control to the last known position before it will change the value, and using the controls don’t overwhelm the lcd. Two thing you might not notice, but thats what good user experience is all about.


RT Woooo breaks! @nokapixel @DJDanmusic’s live set from Opulent Temple at #bman09 here: Enjoy!

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RT Woooo breaks! @nokapixel @DJDanmusic's live set from Opulent Temple at #bman09 here: Enjoy!