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new video for version 3

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the new new stuff is “four pattern mode” where all 4 patterns will run in a row for an effective 64 step length sequence, and being able to clear a voice sequence or a whole pattern sequence.


Audio from Smoke Tiki 2009

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Wow, we had such a great time at Smoke Tiki last night! Thanks to everyone who came out to see us, you’re really what makes it a great night for us.

Haptic Synapses live at Smoke Tiki Lounge, San Jose California 2009


Live at Smoke Tiki lounge december 2009

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We’re playing a live performance tomorrow night, thursday december 10th 2009… at the Smoke Tiki Lounge in san jose ( We’re going on at 11pm, at which point a $5 cover kicks in. So.. show up early and get in for free. We’re performing with multiple instances of the step sequencer hardware and software that we’ve been developing since april of this year. Check out for more info.

Hope to see you there, and if you can make it please say hi!


They’re multiplyin’

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Three down, two more to build. $399, interested?


Fellow Dobox alum shouichi narita on soundcloud!

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Fellow Dobox alum shouichi narita on soundcloud!

Frosty on mixotic… nice mix!

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Wanted: technical visualist

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Are you in the silicon valley area? Do you love techno music? Are you available about once a month to collaborate with us? Take a look at this graphic. Does this make sense? email me at if so.
visualist wanted


Driving visuals from a midi loop

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Here’s an early and very simple example of how you can take the midi loop transmitted from Steppa to drive some visuals. Every sound you hear in this video is doing something to the visuals. Some are obvious like making the main shape jump around and spin, and then there are some other effects that are more subtle, like the crystallize filter that appears later. The way I did this was through Quartz Composer via the midi note receiver… it’s a really cool effect!

Programmatic visuals from a midi loop from stevecooley on Vimeo.

What I like about this is that unlike a “music visualizer”, it’s not reacting to bands of the audio spectrum, it’s reacting directly to the midi loop, so there’s absolutely no question about what instrument is driving what visual element. More to come soon!