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Haptic Synapses live tonight on Radio Integrated

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Haptic Synapses will be performing live on Radio Integrated tonight! Check it out at 9pm PST.

Qorser returns with ‘Sol Goes Nova’

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are very happy to announce the long awaited return of Qorser who brings us a sizzling new release to start off the new year and a new decade. Although the theme of ‘Sol Goes Nova’ is about the imminent destruction of our beloved sun sometime in the very distant future, the sounds of these five tracks will keep your spirits up and your body moving. If there were a dancefloor in outer space, these beats would be what should be pumping out of the speakers. We invite you all to come and download yourself a healthy dose of other-worldly funk.

Artwork by Steve Cooley

Shattered Sphere

Complete release in a .zip

Upcoming: live at bliss factory

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——-Original Message——-
From: Sean Ocean
Subject: [DEF] BSP: 1.29.10 Radio Integrated Live from the Bliss Factory with Haptic Synapses & Alixr

Those who have been following the Radio integrated broadcasts over the
last couple of years will know every broadcast is an informal party full
of surprises, torrents of free flowing beer, Chinese take out, new
friends and of course… some of the best techno talent the Bay Area has
to offer.

This broadcast will be no exception to the rule as we continue onward
into the new year with:

HAPTIC SYNAPSES. Haptic Synapses is a recently formed crew of some of
the leading players from the Dobox label out of San Jose, the Rhythmist,
Steve Cooley, and Qorser. Each member brings their own personality to
the table, with tech represented by Cooley, funk realized by The
Rhythmist, and deep soul as touched upon by Qorser. They each have come
together to jam out in the form of a live P.A. on a combination of self
made software & hardware to give real meaning to words techno soul in a
style that is both truly original and west coast..

ALIXR. Techno machine? Scene fixture? or maybe a closeted ‘enfant
savage’ with a temperate demeanor.. however you peg Alex, he’s always
down like Charlie Brown to show you that there’s a big heart behind the
music he plays. Alixr’s love of techno is what shows through every time
he plays out it is what drives a deep connection between him and his
audience of growing supporters throughout the bay.

Listen live via the Web:

9pm-2ish January 29th



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You may have questions. We may have answers. It’s a little minimal so far, but we have a forum available now.


MORE!! Somewhere in Detroit label mix by pacou via #soundcloud

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MORE!! Somewhere in Detroit label mix by pacou via #soundcloud

zomg, yes! Pacou liveset 1-2010 by pac via #soundcloud thanks @boxbanga

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zomg, yes! Pacou liveset 1-2010 by pac via #soundcloud thanks @boxbanga