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Live at Works/San Jose 2010-02-24

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Well our lineup was a little different this time. Derek was sick so he couldn’t make it, but we did have two other people join Charles and myself. Holt Sorenson and Nick Swerdlow added some really nice elements to our jam, so check it out:


2010 february beatseqr / steppa updates

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Derek and I have been hard at work making some really great improvements to the beatseqr firmware and steppa sequencer. Here are a few of the things we’ve been doing lately:

  • I added a really nice feature that we’re calling “voice trigger indicator” … essentially what it does is flash the voice select LEDs as your sequence is running to indicate to you when each of the 8 channels is triggering. It’s easier to show than to tell, so I’ll get to work on a video for that asap.
  • Steppa now has a “current beat” set of indicator LEDs on the front interface. This was added so you can get an idea of where you are timing-wise if you’re doing stuff on your computer (instead of looking at the hardware, which will give you a *really* good idea of that all the time :) )
  • There’s been a bunch of minor features added to Steppa that mostly facilitate being able to pick up sequence data from within Max5. If you’re a max user, you can do all kinds of crazy stuff with the sequence as it’s running.

More good news while we’re talking about good news:

  • I have applied to exhibit at the Bay Area Maker Faire. We’re considering applying for Detroit and New York too, so if you want us to apply for those, leave a comment!
  • The arduino mega firmware is now open source. There are a bunch of things you would need to do in order to get started and I’ll highlight those in another post soon. I’ll update the license to indicate my intentions, but in a nutshell you’re free to download, analyze, improve, or modify the source, as long as you don’t resell it and you keep the original attribution intact with the code. Please do improve the software. :) I’m a school-trained artist first and a self-taught engineer second.
  • Derek is going to our local ninja academy! Very exciting. :)

‘Circulation EP’ by Jemset

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Once again we present another healthy slice of dancefloor goodness from Jemset in the form of the Circulation EP. He’s been patiently waiting to drop another release here on DoBox, and we’re glad to say that now is the time. Four tracks of heady thump make up this great release, and best heard played through a large set of loudspeakers…loudly. So get those bits and pump it up!

Artwork by Steve Cooley

Vibrations & System
Magic’s Wand

Complete release in a .zip

Chris Liebing’s CLR podcast! thx @LatestArtists !

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‘NHT’ release by Keckclip

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‘NHT’ (Normal Heights Techno) is the latest episode of sonic ruckus brought to you this time by Keckclip. The San Diego-based producer is no newcomer to the game, and it shows in his music. All 4 tracks of this release are overflowing with chunky beats and dense textural elements that take your mind and body to another world. So put on your dancing shoes and zip up your spacesuit because it’s time to go!

Artwork by Steve Cooley


Complete release in a .zip

beatseqr on etsy

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Hey, just testing out a wordpress plugin I’m writing to embed etsy items into wordpress posts… it’s working pretty well, and there’s room for improvement, but here we go:

Beatseqr - an arduino mega based computer interface

$299.00 USD

Click here to visit the Etsy page

Beatseqr is an arduino mega based computer interface. It is aimed at electronic musicians and visualists. By itself, it connects to a desktop app that runs on mac or windows and can send out OSC messages to arbitrary network ports. However, combine beatseqr with a tightly integrated sequencer like Dajis Systems' Steppa (included in the price) and you have a powerful interface to create a MIDI loop which you can use to control sounds from pretty much any music software that accepts incoming midi data. We've tested it out with Logic, Live, Reason, Quartz Composer, Max/MSP, PureData, and Processing. It works great!

The source code for the arduino firmware, the processing app, and the max/msp patch are all available for you to modify, customize, and improve as your skills will allow. You don't have to be technical to use beatseqr, but it will certainly help if you're thinking about modifying the firmware. You'll be using the free and open source Arduino IDE to do that. And hey, you'll be getting an Arduino Mega that you can take out of the beatseqr hardware and use for whatever you want.

There are a lot of videos and photos elsewhere.. here are some URLs:

Loads of photos, videos, and a small but growing library of documentation is available on

Notes about the photos... photos 1-4 are by myself, photo #5 is by my friend Donald Bell. Photo 4 is a size comparison next to a Roland TR909, but it's not included in this sale. Also, other photos feature laptops... they're also not included. Duh, right? :)

Shipping will be insured and with tracking numbers.


Infrequently updating podcast, but usually really great stuff. subscribe in itunes!

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Infrequently updating podcast, but usually really great stuff. subscribe in itunes!