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‘It’s A Black Thing’ by Lady Blacktronika

Dobox Recordings | March 31, 2010 in releases | Comments (0)

Lady Blacktronika got her start in music making in 1997 right here in San Jose with help and guidance from local veteran Mattski (aka Deadly Venomz). Since then she has moved to Oakland, and now produces some seriously emotive Beatdown sounds and Deep House. But she has also always been into Techno…the real bangin’ stuff. It just so happens that she made a handful of some real way-out sonic gems that we couldn’t help but release on DoBox. This release has been a long time coming, and we are excited to let the rest of the world hear these sounds. Get ready to move because you’re not gonna be able to help yourself.

Artwork by Steve Cooley

Get Anotha Man
U Thought It Was All Ovah
Y Seeng
Krip Whistle Track

Complete release in a .zip

WAY too early to announce version 4

steve | March 27, 2010 in announcements | Comments (0)

I preparation for our exhibit in the Maker Faire Bay Area 2010, I’m beginning to ramp up Beatseqr version 4. Behold, parts are starting to arrive:

Lots of sliders

My intention here is to offer kits, due to popular request.

I’m trying to take the plunge and follow in the smartly placed footsteps by our pals over at EMSL to learn and use the gEDA toolchain to help design and layout the next version of the Beatseqr pcb. It’s a bear, but I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.. I’m also looking into desktop CNC routers for several tasks in the fabrication process of parts. Um… I’m still building my case and doing my research, but you can take a peek at what I’m looking into here.

Maker Faire Bay Area 2010

steve | March 15, 2010 in announcements | Comments (0)

Hey there, we just got confirmation that we’re going to be showing Beatseqr at the 2010 Bay Area Maker Faire! Woohoo! We’re going into deep planning mode this week, so more details will follow. In the meantime, go buy your ticket!

Also, we’re considering applying for maker faires in detroit and new york. Want us to come to those? post a comment up.

Qorser demo video #1

steve | March 9, 2010 in audio,examples | Comments (0)

Yo! Check out what Qorser was able to get up and running on a couple of days of playing with a beatseqr!

specifically, Marcel Dettmann on CLR podcast:

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specifically, Marcel Dettmann on CLR podcast:

Beatseqr on github

steve | March 2, 2010 in announcements,open source | Comments (0)

Hey there, a little while back I had begun to put the portions of the beatseqr software and firmware onto github. Well I flailed on that for a while and got it to a point where I feel ok about announcing it now. Enjoy, and pass any improvements back to me! :)

beatseqr open source at github