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‘Destination Mars’ release by Deadly Venomz

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Comin’ hardcore with sounds from another planet, Deadly Venomz presents us with the ‘Destination Mars’ release. He’s no newcomer to the scene though. The man behind this music, Mattski, is a local veteran in the San Francisco Bay Area with many years of DJ’ing and production under his belt. He always brings the sonic mayhem when it comes to Techno, and these four tracks do exactly that. So put your spacesuit on, step into the airlock and prepare for a sonic onslaught from out of this world.

Artwork by SK70-Mattski


Complete release in a .zip

CLR podcast 058 | Pfirter

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CLR podcast 058 | Pfirter

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Price Updates

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I have beatseqr v3.1 unassembled kits available. The assembly is pretty straight forward, with only a couple of weird things you’ll need to do to undo some of the issues I’m reworking for the next version, whenever that ends up being. This version works, and aside from some slightly inconvenient assembly steps, it’s relatively easy work.

Fully built and battle tested with hard acrylic keys, acrylic case & knobs, $349
Kit with arduino mega, $249
Kit with NO arduino mega, $199

kit prices do not include buttons, case, knobs, or cables. contact for more info.


new v3 overview video

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Derek made a great new overview video for our Maker Faire booth, check it out:


maker faire bay area 2010: thank you!

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I’m at home, and I’ve had dinner, and I’m… exhausted! :) We had such a great time showing off Beatseqr to hundreds of people this weekend! Thank you so much for coming and checking it out! I have some video coming soon to recap the reception beatseqr got…… soon. Maybe in a couple of days. :) I’m pretty tired. Saturday was a 13 hour show day, and sunday was 11 hours, so… I’m going to go get to bed early tonight and sleep very very well, I think!

Anyway, if you want to get in touch with me, send email to


silicone keypad prototype!

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I’m not sure yet if this is the right thing to do or not. But, that’s what all good science is built on: experiments. That clear silicone is awesome!


Haptic Synapses Upcoming: SubZER0 2010

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Last friday night, we played at 1015 Folsom, opening for Joey Beltram. It was pretty friggen’ out of control if I do say so myself. MJ Gamez got some really awesome photos of the event… here’s a great one of us playing:

photo credit: MJ Gamez

So, that leads me to remind you that we’re headlining at South First Billiards during South First Friday, June 4th 2010. We’ll be playing from 12:00am to 1:30am, and there are a bunch of great musicians and crazy-awesome artists doing their thing as well. Outside of the billiards place is the SubZER0 festival, which is something you just have to see to believe. There’s going to be a whole gangload of interesting art+technology exhibits for you to see, experience, and interact with, so come check it out!


Sooooo much going on :)

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Beatseqr #7

above: the first fully stuffed beatseqr circuit board, version 3.1

We’ve been radio silent for a while, but that’s only because we’ve been on overdrive getting ready for the bay area maker faire 2010. In addition to playing live gigs to further field test Beatseqr in the real world, we’ve also been ramping up our in-house production and prototyping capability in the form of a 24″ x 48″ CNC router. This new capability will (in theory) let us prototype new circuit and interface designs in house so we can move a lot more quickly to bake some concepts and roll out the products we want to use and think you’ll enjoy using too.

In the meantime, version 3.1 of the beatseqr circuit board is available. If you’re interested in a kit, there are a few options to discuss, so please fill out the form.

FUNKY Mr. wiggles, via Simfonik, via dj mojo

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FUNKY Mr. wiggles, via Simfonik, via dj mojo