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Solving problems: LRF support

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When I have a bit more time, I’ll post a video, but I just couldn’t locate mechanically fastening LRF’s to the specs I need. So I drew up a concept on some paper, redrew it in illustrator, exported it to dxf, imported it to sheetcam, and cut a casting mold. I used the smooth-on shore hardness 40 silicone since I’ve decided it’s too tough to work with for my buttons… Turned out pretty good! Maybe a little too tall. But it will be easy enough to slice off this mold and try again. I’m loving the time from concept to iteration. Very fast!! And I’m not committed to hundreds of failed designs. Just a couple few. I’ll even use these for experimental projects.

How the Buttons fit in the v4.51 case

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Pretty good! This case is a “scratch and dent” kind of situation, so I feel pretty good about how the silicone buttons turned out with the new casting mold.


Version 4.51 silicone button array development

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Research and development continues with cutting (and recutting, and recutting) the new silicone button casting mold. I’ll be verifying the dimensions tonight, but things are moving along nicely. I may be able to get one of the new v4.51 boards close to fully assembled. Which I am very
much looking forward to. The last major task is to engineer a jig to hold a dremel flex shaft that will attach to my cnc machine. This will let me cut a hole for the USB jack with precision and repeatability on the case. After that, I’ll be able to kick into a higher gear for producing units and kits. Whew!


Fail. :-(



a sea of machineable wax chips. This mold would end in disaster.



Present and future casualties of my learning process



Try number 3. This one went well after 5 days of chipping away at it.



Smooth-on dragonskin-30, a two part a/b platinum cure silicone, in the happiest place on earth: a beatseqr button mold



It. Looks. GOOD!


Haptic Synapses live at 2011 SubZERO festival

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We will be playing throughout the night at the 2011 SubZERO street festival, June 3rd, 2011. Check out the website for more info:


20 minute HD clip of haptic synapses playing live at south bay music swap

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Here’s us playing at the south bay music swap event in may 2011… I had a lot more footage, but this clip has all three of us in it, so I figured it would be cool to post. I shot it with my gopro hd hero, hence the exxxttrrreeeeme wide angle. Enjoy!

This clip goes on up to 720p… :) youtube has smiled upon me, so I can upload looooonger movies.


Haptic Synapses live at WORKS/San Jose 2011-05-06

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Wow, we had a blast playing at WORKS’ new location on 365 Market street, downtown san jose last night!! We were joined by a talented group of painters and a huuuge crowd. It was awesome. There’s some photos and video coming later… but for now, here’s the audio:

Haptic Synapses live at Works/san jose 2011-05-06


Haptic Synapses live at South Bay Music Swap, may 2011

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We were invited to play at the South Bay Music Swap and had a great time yesterday!! Here’s the audio:

haptic synapses live at south bay music swap may 1, 2011

hapticsynapses_liveatsouthbaymusicswap hapticsynapsesatwork_liveatsouthbaymusicswap_2011 qorser_liveatsouthbaymusicswap2011 stevecooley_liveatsouthbaymusicswap_2011 therhythmist_liveatsouthbaymusicswap_2011