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Family reunion

seqr of knowledge | August 17, 2011 in prototypes | Comments (0)

That’s a lot of beatseqrs!


Version 4.51 multiples

seqr of knowledge | August 14, 2011 in production | Comments (0)


Whew. One more of these units is out on loan, and one more needs a case+hardware… And that’ll be all of this version. 4.52 will be *extremely* minor tweaks…

Top panel final

seqr of knowledge | August 11, 2011 in prototypes | Comments (0)


It took a few iterations, but I think this works. Oh. Haha. I just realized how similar this look is to the version 3 acrylic cases. That’s probably why I like it. Anyway… I know the whole world is collapsing, but I’m pretty much done with research for version 4.51. I have a few of these boxes, then capacity for about more 10 boxes. Then I start to run out of some parts that are end of life’d, and I’ll have to re-evaluate my options.

What I do need to do is set up some customer relationship management infrastructure. But, I can do that behind the scenes.

Artwork overlay test results

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Interesting. Took a *long* time. Food for thought.

Top panel laminated artwork overlay experiment

seqr of knowledge | August 5, 2011 in prototypes | Comments (0)


I’m going to test out a laminated paper artwork overlay. Here’s a first pass. Actually … Second pass. First one sucked bigtime. This one feels pretty good. I’ll post another photo when it’s laminated and mounted to the case.