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Steve’s new album: My So Called Music, vol. 3

steve | December 19, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

Yo, it’s Steve here.  After reviewing my soundcloud page, I realized that I have ended up with 80 tracks posted that I recorded while playing on my hardware setup as it’s evolved over the past year.  I posted it as an album on Bandcamp, so check it out!

Haptic Synapses live at SubZERO 2016

steve | December 4, 2016 in recordings | Comments (0)

Derek and Charles rocked a great set at this year’s SubZERO festival!   Check out this amazing video produced by Danny Kim!  Thanks so much, Danny and crew!!

Haptic Synapses live at Binary 03 @ SubZERO 2016 from Danny Kim on Vimeo.

Next year I’ll try not to schedule my out of town vacation during the same weekend as subzero 🙂 -steve

Haptic Synapses interviewed for PodSeeker

Haptic Synapses | December 2, 2016 in how its done | Comments (0)

If you ever wondered how we do our thing, take a listen to this podcast that our friend Dev Addison Bhat recorded with us!  Our segment begins at 21:36.

Haptic Synapses audio recording from Binary Society 07

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Thanks very much to Peff (!!), Mr. Kurt Kurasaki for recording our performance at Binary Society 07!

Haptic Synapses EPK electronic press kit

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Yo, check it out! We have assembled an EPK, or electronic press kit.  This is going to be a little meta, but it’s riiiight here: